TAAO V-Team won a huge bottle of wine for our next party!

It was nervous and exciting…our V-Team won an “aluminum” medal and a huge bottle of wine in the 2007 Beach Volleyball Tournament 2007 last Saturday.

We have formed maybe the strongest TAAO team in recent years and it’s very very possible we could fight for the “copper”.

We found that the Tornado #3 killer is our alumnus but it’s a bit too late…
We also found a good player in another team is also our alumnus….
We have strong backups which has been called the “Wide Bench”…
If we were lucky enough not to lose at 13 : 15…
If we practiced more…

While this game is over, let’s see what we do next year!

Our V-Team received a strong support from our alumni and friends:

–Our Tsinghua flag is the only flag fluttering in the strong wind and the rain.
–Bi Xun’s wife gave us a 50% discount on the pizza and many bottlers of drinks for free.
–Wang Daiyu’s wife drove 30 kilometres to pickup the pizza for the team.
–Lao Guo (Mingxue) prepared many of his secret energy bar for the V-Team members.
–Our council members ChangCheng, Zeng Yi, Zeng Ying, Yongzhi came to cheer for us. Yongzhi even brought many Chinese chives (for us to “Zhuang Yang”??).
–One of our beauty main forces, Feng Ling, together with Wang Qing’s wife, took the position of our cheering team leader, with Xu Bo’s magic ring.
–Hong Zhihong couple are both our main force players fighting through to the end.
–Yu Li took her parents from Montreal to Mooney’s Bay on that day to be her babysitter so that she and her husband could join the tournament.

And much more…

A few pictures later…