May 29, 2007

Dear Alumni,

There is one sad news we would like you to be aware of.

One of our alumni in Ottawa fell out of the 5th floor of his apartment building at roughly 4:00pm on Friday, May 25th. His name is Wang Yixing (Electronics Department 84-89). He was sent to the hospital by the police and is still in the critical condition.

His classmates Meng Jian, Xu Bo have done a lot to contact Wang’s family, the police, the Chinese Embassy and our Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa (TAAO). Delegates from TAAO Council have been to the hospital to check Wang’s status and talked to the doctors, nurses and the consular section of Chinese Embassy.

The reason for Wang’s falling out of his apartment building is still under investigation by the police. His brother will come from China to handle this and has got a visa today.

Mr.Wang is single and has no relatives here in Ottawa. He is an immigrant (Chinese citizen) and just finished his study in Ottawa University a few months ago.

Based on the info from his classmates, he has no life insurance, nor any insurance coverage except OHIP. His brother will pay the expenses of his travel and his stay in Ottawa himself. His family in China is not rich.

As the Tsinghua alumni, we feel deep sorrow about this tragedy. As the Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa, we will do our best to assist his relative and the Chinese Embassy in handling related things.

This event gave us a serious warning that the enhancement of the communication between our alumni, the encouragement of talking out our difficulties/problems, the knowledge of how to protect ourselves in Canada, have become an urgent and a necessity. There are really many alumni here that need care and help from our alumni, from the Canadian government and from the whole society. We should do our best to help them and, at the same time, help ourselves.

The Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa would like to appeal again to each of our alumni for enhancing our relationship of helping each other, beefing up our mental and physical strength, protecting ourselves using different social resources and systems, and practising our Tsinghua spirit to conquer any difficulties of living abroad.

If any alumni would like to donate a little for Mr.Wang to handle his tragedy, the Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa will provide assistance:
1)Ming Cao In Trust
Bank name:TD Canada Trust
Bank Address:
110 Earl Grey Dr.
Kanata Centrum
Kanata, Ont K2T 1B7
Tel: 613-599-8020

Bic Aba# 026009593
Transit No.: 32826
Account # 6279919
2)Jian Meng or Bo Xu
Bank address:

Account info:
Transit No.: 32826
Inst.No.: 004
Account No.: 32826279897

Stay tuned for the update and progress.

Best regards and wishes to you and your family.


Take care,

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa