May.13, 2008 – TAAO calls for a donation to help our motherland!

Dear Alumni and friends,

As you may have known, a big earthquake (even bigger than TangShan earthquake in 1976) hit south west China yesterday (close to Chengdu but being felt in many cities of almost most part of China !)

The final casualty and loss are still unclear but feels like it may be serious. Some local counties still can not even be contacted. I talked to a geologist in Chengdu yesterday noon , he told me that because of the complexity of the geo structure of that area, it’s very possible that some mountain slopes may have collapsed and some towns and villages may have been fully buried!

This year is really a bit tough for our motherland, from snow storm, Tibet issue, Olympic Torch Relay to now the earthquake… while we believe our motherland will eventually go through all of these and will become even stronger afterwards.

TAAO would like to call for a donation to help our motherland handle this severe hit. It doesn’t matter how much we can afford to contribute (from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars), just add our little aid on.

If you are willing to donate some, the most quick, safe and efficient way is through the Canadian Redcross website (at and select “China Earthquake”). In this way, you can have a formal receipt from this organization for your tax deduction of next year.

After the donation, please send an email to TAAO (this time to indicating the donator’s name and the amount donated so that we can have a count of our team effort.

Best regards and wishes.

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa