June 20, 2007

Dear Alumni,

Our alumnus Wang Yixin has returned to and settled down in his hometown.

His Farewell Ceremony was held on June 7, 2007 at Kelly Funeral Homes & Chapels. 585 Somerset Street West, Ottawa. About 30 people attended the ceremony (including Yixin’s classmates from US, most of TAAO council members, some TAAO members and friends, representatives from the Chinese Embassy, the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Center and Yixin’s friends.

All together, we received donation of C$7349.37 in the name of TAAO. Sincerely thanks to the following donators:

Cao, Ming 100
Chen, Qing 60
Gao, LiHua 100
Gao, Yanyan 100
Guo, MingXue 10
Feng, Ning 50
Huang, Ge 520.5
Ji, TianYing 200
Liang, GengChan 100
Meng, Jian 999
Peng, Ling 100
Shen, John 100
Shi, Jing 60
Sun, QiCheng 524.65
Tang, Jian Wen 50
Tian, GuiLan 100
Tian Xizhen & Zhang Zhongyao 800
Wang, Dapei 100
Wang, DaiYu 100
Wang, Yan 200
Wang, YongZi 100
Wang, JunXian 100
Wei Zheng 100
Xia, Chang hong 100
Xu, Bo 500
Yu, Hongzhao 100
Yu JinSong & Lin Hong 100
Zeng HuaiYu & Zeng ShiYu 520.5
Zeng,Yi 100
Zeng Yin 50
Zhang, FengShuang 200
Zhang, JianHong 500
Zhang, Kevin 40
Zhang, Yi Chun 414.7
Zhang, Yong 50
Total   7349.35

Took out the expenses of C$1790.46 on Yixin’s bother’s stay in Ottawa, the rest of C$5558.91 has been given to Yixin’s family to help cover the funeral cost and relief a bit of their grief.

Yixin’s classmates in Beijing also raised much of RMB to help Yixin’s brother coming to Canada.

Here is the thank-you letter from Yixin’s family:

During the handling of this tragedy event, Yixin’s classmates, our TAAO members and friends acted as an efficient team. This reflected our Tsinghua spirit of unity and fraternity. We formed a good community here in Ottawa.

Sincerely thanks to all TAAO members and friends that helped in the handling of this emergent event.

Special thanks to Meng Jian, Xu Bo, Wei Zheng, Cao Ming, Gao Yanyan for their effective reaction and handling in this incident.

Special thanks to Wang Daiyu, Liu Chunguang (the Chinese Embassy) and Yang Zhiguang (Ottawa Chinese Community Service Center) for their advisory and assistance.

Again, the Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa (TAAO) would like to appeal to each of our alumni for further enhancing our relationship of helping each other, beefing up our mental and physical strength, protecting ourselves using different social resources and systems, and practicing our Tsinghua spirit to conquer any difficulties of living abroad.

TAAO is like a big family in Ottawa area. TAAO members are sisters and brothers. Our mandate is to inherit and carry forward our Tsinghua spirit, enhance the communication between our alumni, help our members/friends and share our experience and knowledge to get a better achievement in our working, studying and living in Canada.

To help our TAAO members and their friends in preparing for the family emergency and safety, We are considering organizing a seminar focused on how to protect ourselves and our families in Canada. A separate notice will be sent out soon.

Take care and see you soon in our coming activities.