May.13, 2008 – TAAO calls for a donation to help our motherland!

Dear Alumni and friends,

As you may have known, a big earthquake (even bigger than TangShan earthquake in 1976) hit south west China yesterday (close to Chengdu but being felt in many cities of almost most part of China !)

The final casualty and loss are still unclear but feels like it may be serious. Some local counties still can not even be contacted. I talked to a geologist in Chengdu yesterday noon , he told me that because of the complexity of the geo structure of that area, it’s very possible that some mountain slopes may have collapsed and some towns and villages may have been fully buried!

This year is really a bit tough for our motherland, from snow storm, Tibet issue, Olympic Torch Relay to now the earthquake… while we believe our motherland will eventually go through all of these and will become even stronger afterwards.

TAAO would like to call for a donation to help our motherland handle this severe hit. It doesn’t matter how much we can afford to contribute (from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars), just add our little aid on.

If you are willing to donate some, the most quick, safe and efficient way is through the Canadian Redcross website (at and select “China Earthquake”). In this way, you can have a formal receipt from this organization for your tax deduction of next year.

After the donation, please send an email to TAAO (this time to indicating the donator’s name and the amount donated so that we can have a count of our team effort.

Best regards and wishes.

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa

May.18, 2008 – Global mourning for the victims in the huge Sichuan earthquake

Dear Alumni and friends,
Beginning from Monday, our motherland will be on a three-day national mourning for the tens of thousands of people killed in the destructive earthquake.
Today at 4:58 am (Beijing Time), the national flag at the Tian’anmen Square in Beijing flew at half-mast after a complete flag-raising ceremony.
From Monday to Wednesday, all Chinese national flags will fly at half-mast within China and at all Chinese diplomatic missions abroad. Public recreational activities will be halted during the mourning period.
At 2:28 pm Monday (our local time 2:28am tonight), Chinese citizens nationwide will stand in silence for three minutes to mourn for the victims, while sirens and horns of automobiles, trains and ships will wail in grief.
In the mourning period, condolence books will be opened in China’s Foreign Ministry and Chinese embassies and consulates around the world.
On behalf of our members and friends of Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa, I will attend the national mourning at the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa at 2:28am tonight and the grief rites at 8:30am tomorrow morning.
If you are still awake tonight at 2:28am, please join this global historic moment to stand in silence for three minutes to mourn for the victims in the earthquake.
If you can manage, you can also go directly to the Chinese Embassy which will open from 10:00am~12:00pm and 2:00pm~5:00pm, on May.20 and May.21, for anybody who would like to mourn for the dead and sign on the condolence books.
Our Chinese nation has never been defeated by any severe situations or difficulties caused by natural disasters or man-made calamities. The earthquake can bring down our homes, kill our lives…but it can never destroy our spirit! The Chinese nation will be even stronger afterwards.
Let’s give our deep respect to those who lost their lives in the earthquake and those who are still fighting and working hard to rescue survivors in that area.
Let’s do whatever we could to help China, our dear motherland.
Let’s transfer our grief into strength and do even better in our sectors to show our proud to be a Chinese.
Best regards and wishes.

On behalf of Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa

2008 Spring Festival Party Photos

It has been a busy season since we met last time at our 2008 Spring Festival Party.

We had lots of fun in that party and here is the link to some snap shots.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the party and especially to our TAAO Council members who have contributed their time and effort to organize the event and the following alumni and friends who have donated or sponsored to our TAAO Activity Fund to help cover the cost:

Jiang Sheng $100
Ling Peng $50
Changhong Xia $20
Jian Meng $20
Qing Wang $20
Jane Zhan $10
Yong Zhang $10
Jing Shi (that marvellous silver candle holder as one of our great prices)

Many thanks, take care and see you in spring!

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa


百家年饭, 游戏挑战, 新老朋友, 欢乐共享

为迎接2008中华传统佳节, 渥太华清华大学校友会特为渥京地区朋友组织了一场迎春年饭交友联欢会.

时间: 2008年2月3日(星期日)下午4:30~10:00

地点: 397 Kent St .Ottawa.

主题: 开心, 快乐, 友谊

内容: 百家年饭, 奖品歌舞, 游戏挑战

(1) 请参加者按自用数量带上自己的拿手春节菜或家乡风味小点(部分儿童对花生过敏, 故请不要带含花生的食品)

(2) 5:30PM准时开宴; 6:30PM游戏挑战; 8:00PM舞会开始.

费用: 佳宾,朋友,校友,亲属均一概免费.



联系人: 卫 正 (613) 828-1364

Ottawa Chinese Community Table Tennis (Team) Tournament

Dear Alumni,

There will be a table tennis (team) tournament, organized by Ottawa Chinese Community, on October 28, 2007 at the Chinese Community Centre (80 Florence Street, corner of Kent and Florence, a block north of Gladstone or west of Bank).

We will organize a 5-person team to represent our association in the tournament and are now looking for good players for the team and all your support to cheer-up our team at the tournament.

If you are interested in participation or practice, or know any of our alumni who is good at ping-pong, please contact Yong-Zhi Wang at 613-228-047 or 995-3094, email


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa


酷暑将过,秋高气爽,应广大校友要求, 渥太华清华大学校友会决定举办一次野餐、聚会、交友活动。内容包括增补新理事、美食品尝、沙滩排球、羽毛球、棋牌等等。具体事宜如下:

时间: 9月23日(星期日)上午11:30开始
地点: Mooney’s Bay Park (2960 Riverside Dr. Ottawa. Riverside Dr./Hog’s Back Rd)
联系人: 卫正. 电话:828-1364. EMAIL:ZHENGW@HOTMAIL.COM
(注: 野餐采用POT-LUCK形式,因部分小孩花生过敏,请不要带含花生的食物)



Sept.1, 2007 – Good news! We have our new TAAO sportswear

Dear Alumni,

Our TAAO vice president Zheng Wei just came back from China and the Tsinghua headquarter and brought us 12 sportswear (for both men and women).

He decided to donate these beautiful sport T-shirts to our TAAO for our future competitions.

Sincerely thanks to Zheng Wei for his solid support to our TAAO sport activities.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa

Aug. 28, 2007 – “Living Safely in Canada” seminar

Dear Alumni,

The “Living Safely in Canada” seminar was held in Ottawa on Aug.25. It provided a wide range of safety related knowledge, experiences, tips and strategies:

Part1: Emergency handling

  1. Apply for the police investigation
  2. Emergency contact and tips
  3. Life and health insurance
  4. Ottawa hospital related facilities and tips
  5. Donation account tips

Part2: Family Safety Tips

  1. Personal safety
  2. Residential safety
  3. Kids safety
  4. Properties and assets safety
  5. Prepared for the emergency
  6. Build your social protection network
  7. Fortify your physical and mantel strength

Part3: Have a peace of mind—protecting your assets, investment and health in advance

  1. Rational structure of your protection
  2. The importance of the Will
  3. Life insurance with investment
  4. Critical Illness insurance without the lost of your money
  5. Make clever use of your RRSP

The information prepared is intensive and the time scheduled (2 hours) was too short. For those who unfortunately missed the opportunity to attend the seminar, please review your safety knowledge and preparations in the above areas, or you may contact Jian Meng (part1) at, Ling Peng (part2) and Jing Shi (part3) at 613-228 9517 or for more details and instructions.

Many thanks to the contributor and sponsor of this seminar.

Hope every one of us has a safe and happy life in Canada!

P.S. Our TAAO council member Yi Zhen also recommended a very good article about a real rescue story related to one Tsinghua family. It’s a good reference, although it happened in the U.S.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa

Knowledge Is Power! – Seminar on Family Safety Tips and Emergency Preparations

Hi dear everyone,

We may still remember the tragedy of our alumnus Wang Yixing in June. We heard many other stories about the loss and suffering of our alumni or friends. We expressed our deeply sorrow and sympathy to them …

While, what should we do for ourselves? How should we live safely, peacefully and confidently in Canada?

To share some good and helpful information and provide an overview on most aspects of this topic, we decided to host an information seminar on Family Safety Tips and Family Emergency Preparations, with the help and support from some of our members and friends.

Here is the detail:

Date: Aug. 25, 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Board room at Sun Life Financial Preston branch office
Suite 800, 333 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 5N4

Parking: Free


  1. Prepare a handy Emergency Package. (Jian Meng)
  2. Family Safety Tips. (Ling Peng)
  3. Set up a Peace of Mind. (Jing Shi)

To help us prepare the meeting room and the drink stuff, if you would like to attend this seminar, please contact or send an email to Jian Meng at

Take care and see you there on August 25.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa

TAAO V-Team won a huge bottle of wine for our next party!

It was nervous and exciting…our V-Team won an “aluminum” medal and a huge bottle of wine in the 2007 Beach Volleyball Tournament 2007 last Saturday.

We have formed maybe the strongest TAAO team in recent years and it’s very very possible we could fight for the “copper”.

We found that the Tornado #3 killer is our alumnus but it’s a bit too late…
We also found a good player in another team is also our alumnus….
We have strong backups which has been called the “Wide Bench”…
If we were lucky enough not to lose at 13 : 15…
If we practiced more…

While this game is over, let’s see what we do next year!

Our V-Team received a strong support from our alumni and friends:

–Our Tsinghua flag is the only flag fluttering in the strong wind and the rain.
–Bi Xun’s wife gave us a 50% discount on the pizza and many bottlers of drinks for free.
–Wang Daiyu’s wife drove 30 kilometres to pickup the pizza for the team.
–Lao Guo (Mingxue) prepared many of his secret energy bar for the V-Team members.
–Our council members ChangCheng, Zeng Yi, Zeng Ying, Yongzhi came to cheer for us. Yongzhi even brought many Chinese chives (for us to “Zhuang Yang”??).
–One of our beauty main forces, Feng Ling, together with Wang Qing’s wife, took the position of our cheering team leader, with Xu Bo’s magic ring.
–Hong Zhihong couple are both our main force players fighting through to the end.
–Yu Li took her parents from Montreal to Mooney’s Bay on that day to be her babysitter so that she and her husband could join the tournament.

And much more…

A few pictures later…

TAAO V-Team and Potluck this Saturday (Jul.28) at Mooney’s Bay

Dear TAAO members,

The “OTTAWA CHINESE CUP Beach volleyball tournament 2007” will start at
10:00 AM on July 28, 2007 (this Saturday!) at Mooney’s Bay.

Our V-Team, representing us (TAAO), will join the competition.

Haven’t seen many of you for a while. If you would like to relax a bit this Saturday, enjoy the outdoor sports, sunshine, fresh air, friends making, information sharing, kids and family mingling, or simply want to exchange and taste different delicious food … just bring yourself and your family and have potluck with us at noon time.

Here are some related info:

  1. Parking is free across the RiverSide road and at a near special place that known by one of our alumni. Just come to see us to get the direction.
  2. The V-Team members will meet there at 9:30AM. Whoever gets there early, please find and keep some beach or picnic tables/benches for our TsingHua families to hold our treasures and the Potluck.
  3. Don’t forget your sun scream, sunglasses, hats…etc. or swimming suits if you get too excited and want to jump into the water to cool yourself down.
  4. Don’t forget to bring your camera to record some nice moments of our families and friends. Let’s enjoy the summer and the friendship!
  5. Unfortunately 章子怡 (特邀) got some visiting friends from the US and cannot cheer for us this Saturday. But she promised to come next time and hope our TAAO V-Team can do our best and fight all the way through towards the peak.


Best regards and hope to see you there this Saturday!


2007 TAAO Beach Volleyball Team (V-Team) rolled out

Dear everyone,

The first cut of our 2007 TAAO Beach Volleyball Team consists of the following TAAO soldiers:

Main force:
Wang Qing (Caption) (613) 526-4059 (h)

Xu Bo

Bai Renren

Feng Ning

Yu Li

Bi Xun

Guo Mingxue

Hong Zhihong

Jeff Jing

Huang Ming Yuan

Luc (Yu Li’s husband)


Zhang Yong

Zeng Ying

Wang YongZhi

Peng Ling

On Jul.7, we started our first practice at a Beach Volleyball site. It was a “Once-in-a -hundred-years” lucky day (around 70,000 Americans got married on that 07-07-07 day!). Wang Qing couple, Bai Renren and Hong Zhihong, Guo Mingxue couple, Peng Ling and their kids showed up and got sweat.

We found that it’s also a good opportunity for our TAAO members and their families to get together and enjoy the beautiful outdoor summer.

For those that in the list of above, please make all your efforts to come to practice. As we don’t have much time left for the practice/refresh and we do need some time to get familiar with each other and work out our effective strategies and tactics for the competition.

For those good players that haven’t joined the team and haven’t been aware of, please feel free to contact Wang Qing at  (613) 526-4059 (h), or, just come and join, we still need more soldiers for that long day battle.

For those who have little interest in volleyball but would like to do other activities, make friends, share information, let kids play with other kids, or simply relax and enjoy the picnic … just bring your kids and food, we will do a potluck in the afternoon of each practicing day and for the lunch on competition day.

If you haven’t seen our jumping server, spinning ball server, beauty professional and brave diving digger, don’t miss our next 2 practices.

Our next 2 practicing days are:

Jul.14 (Saturday) @ 2:00 pm and

Jul.21 (Saturday) @ 2:00pm .

Same place. (We will give another notice if switch to Moonie’s Bay or change time).


Best regards and wishes.

See you there soon on the sand or grass.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa