Aug. 28, 2007 – “Living Safely in Canada” seminar

Dear Alumni,

The “Living Safely in Canada” seminar was held in Ottawa on Aug.25. It provided a wide range of safety related knowledge, experiences, tips and strategies:

Part1: Emergency handling

  1. Apply for the police investigation
  2. Emergency contact and tips
  3. Life and health insurance
  4. Ottawa hospital related facilities and tips
  5. Donation account tips

Part2: Family Safety Tips

  1. Personal safety
  2. Residential safety
  3. Kids safety
  4. Properties and assets safety
  5. Prepared for the emergency
  6. Build your social protection network
  7. Fortify your physical and mantel strength

Part3: Have a peace of mind—protecting your assets, investment and health in advance

  1. Rational structure of your protection
  2. The importance of the Will
  3. Life insurance with investment
  4. Critical Illness insurance without the lost of your money
  5. Make clever use of your RRSP

The information prepared is intensive and the time scheduled (2 hours) was too short. For those who unfortunately missed the opportunity to attend the seminar, please review your safety knowledge and preparations in the above areas, or you may contact Jian Meng (part1) at, Ling Peng (part2) and Jing Shi (part3) at 613-228 9517 or for more details and instructions.

Many thanks to the contributor and sponsor of this seminar.

Hope every one of us has a safe and happy life in Canada!

P.S. Our TAAO council member Yi Zhen also recommended a very good article about a real rescue story related to one Tsinghua family. It’s a good reference, although it happened in the U.S.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa