2008 Spring Festival Party Photos

It has been a busy season since we met last time at our 2008 Spring Festival Party.

We had lots of fun in that party and here is the link to some snap shots.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the party and especially to our TAAO Council members who have contributed their time and effort to organize the event and the following alumni and friends who have donated or sponsored to our TAAO Activity Fund to help cover the cost:

Jiang Sheng $100
Ling Peng $50
Changhong Xia $20
Jian Meng $20
Qing Wang $20
Jane Zhan $10
Yong Zhang $10
Jing Shi (that marvellous silver candle holder as one of our great prices)

Many thanks, take care and see you in spring!

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa


百家年饭, 游戏挑战, 新老朋友, 欢乐共享

为迎接2008中华传统佳节, 渥太华清华大学校友会特为渥京地区朋友组织了一场迎春年饭交友联欢会.

时间: 2008年2月3日(星期日)下午4:30~10:00

地点: 397 Kent St .Ottawa.

主题: 开心, 快乐, 友谊

内容: 百家年饭, 奖品歌舞, 游戏挑战

(1) 请参加者按自用数量带上自己的拿手春节菜或家乡风味小点(部分儿童对花生过敏, 故请不要带含花生的食品)

(2) 5:30PM准时开宴; 6:30PM游戏挑战; 8:00PM舞会开始.

费用: 佳宾,朋友,校友,亲属均一概免费.



联系人: 卫 正 (613) 828-1364