2007 TAAO Beach Volleyball Team (V-Team) rolled out

Dear everyone,

The first cut of our 2007 TAAO Beach Volleyball Team consists of the following TAAO soldiers:

Main force:
Wang Qing (Caption) qingwang@site.uottawa.ca (613) 526-4059 (h)

Xu Bo

Bai Renren

Feng Ning

Yu Li

Bi Xun

Guo Mingxue

Hong Zhihong

Jeff Jing

Huang Ming Yuan

Luc (Yu Li’s husband)


Zhang Yong

Zeng Ying

Wang YongZhi

Peng Ling

On Jul.7, we started our first practice at a Beach Volleyball site. It was a “Once-in-a -hundred-years” lucky day (around 70,000 Americans got married on that 07-07-07 day!). Wang Qing couple, Bai Renren and Hong Zhihong, Guo Mingxue couple, Peng Ling and their kids showed up and got sweat.

We found that it’s also a good opportunity for our TAAO members and their families to get together and enjoy the beautiful outdoor summer.

For those that in the list of above, please make all your efforts to come to practice. As we don’t have much time left for the practice/refresh and we do need some time to get familiar with each other and work out our effective strategies and tactics for the competition.

For those good players that haven’t joined the team and haven’t been aware of, please feel free to contact Wang Qing at qingwang@site.uottawa.ca  (613) 526-4059 (h), or, just come and join, we still need more soldiers for that long day battle.

For those who have little interest in volleyball but would like to do other activities, make friends, share information, let kids play with other kids, or simply relax and enjoy the picnic … just bring your kids and food, we will do a potluck in the afternoon of each practicing day and for the lunch on competition day.

If you haven’t seen our jumping server, spinning ball server, beauty professional and brave diving digger, don’t miss our next 2 practices.

Our next 2 practicing days are:

Jul.14 (Saturday) @ 2:00 pm and

Jul.21 (Saturday) @ 2:00pm .

Same place. (We will give another notice if switch to Moonie’s Bay or change time).


Best regards and wishes.

See you there soon on the sand or grass.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Ottawa